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Maths is a subject which is at the centre of learning. The ability to use numbers confidently and with increasing sophistication is core to the primary and secondary curriculums. Once the basic requirements of number have been mastered young people are required to go on and use their knowledge in mathematical processes in the areas of data-handling, shape & measure and, at secondary level, algebra.

Problems in maths can be apparent at many different levels, from difficulty in grasping number relationships and remembering times tables through to confusion with more complex two and three part problems and inability to grasp the ‘rules’ of GCSE level maths.

Individual tuition can allow for the diagnosis and analysis of these problems which in turn can enable a programme to be developed which builds upon the student’s strengths and helps them to master the more difficult areas.

maths numeracy Tuition Wakefield

Primary Maths

  • tutors wakefieldthe four processes: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • tutors wakefieldtimes table strategies
  • tutors wakefieldmoving on to data-handling, shape and measure
  • tutors wakefieldapproaching two and three part problems

Secondary Maths

  • tutors wakefieldbasic arithmetic and times tables
  • tutors wakefieldcolumn methods of working
  • tutors wakefielddata-handling
  • tutors wakefieldshape and measure
  • tutors wakefieldalgebra
  • tutors wakefieldapproaching GCSE style questions

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About Us

Wakefield Tutoring and Educational Consultancy LLP, is owned and run by Simon Horsley and Stephen Beach. Simon Horsley, BA (Hons), PGCE, has worked in education for 33 years, originally a secondary English teacher, he has spent 23 years specialising in literacy and numeracy. His career has included senior management roles in secondary education, working as a university tutor and he holds a Level 7 Cerficate in Teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and has been listed by both the Department for Education and the British Dyslexia Association as an approved tutor of dyslexic pupils.

Stephen Beach, BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, has worked in education for 10 years. He has taught both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two in schools. During his career he has been a coordinator of: ICT, Science, Design Technology and has been joint Coordinator of Literacy and Maths. He has also been a school governor. Since becoming a partner in Wakefield Tutoring, Stephen has specialised in 11+ entrance exam preparation for both ‘GL’ and ‘Durham (CEM)’ style tests as well as Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 English and Maths and preparation for end of Key Stage tests.

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