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English/literacy has a dual function in education. It is a foundation upon which all other elements of education depend and it is a core subject in its own right. Ultimately all young people need to gain a GCSE grade C or above in English to move on to the higher levels of education.

In the early stages of schooling children need to be able to understand how to read words, sentences and longer passages and to understand what has been read. Equally they must be able to write words, sentences and longer passages using correct English and conveying the ideas they have in their minds. As they move through education they are required to use these basic English skills in ever more complex ways; reading and understanding more difficult text and writing in ever more sophisticated ways.

Tuition offered is based on these requirements and can range from basic word work (which will be linked, where possible, to the phonics and reading programmes being used in school) through to the complexities of reading for multiple purposes and writing for a given audience.

English Literacy Tuition Wakefield

Primary English

  • tutors wakefieldreinforcement of phonic patterns
  • tutors wakefieldword attack skills
  • tutors wakefieldspelling patterns and irregularities
  • tutors wakefieldbasic grammar rules
  • tutors wakefieldreading for meaning at literal, inferential and imaginative levels
  • tutors wakefieldwriting imaginatively and factually

Secondary English

  • tutors wakefieldspelling patterns and irregularities
  • tutors wakefielddeveloping writing skills at a higher level
  • tutors wakefieldreading for purpose and to produce a written result
  • tutors wakefieldwriting in different genres
  • tutors wakefieldspecific preparation for GCSE English
  • tutors wakefieldspecific preparation for GCSE English literature

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About Us

Wakefield Tutoring and Educational Consultancy LLP, is owned and run by Simon Horsley and Stephen Beach. Simon Horsley, BA (Hons), PGCE, has worked in education for 33 years, originally a secondary English teacher, he has spent 23 years specialising in literacy and numeracy. His career has included senior management roles in secondary education, working as a university tutor and he holds a Level 7 Cerficate in Teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and has been listed by both the Department for Education and the British Dyslexia Association as an approved tutor of dyslexic pupils.

Stephen Beach, BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, has worked in education for 10 years. He has taught both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two in schools. During his career he has been a coordinator of: ICT, Science, Design Technology and has been joint Coordinator of Literacy and Maths. He has also been a school governor. Since becoming a partner in Wakefield Tutoring, Stephen has specialised in 11+ entrance exam preparation for both ‘GL’ and ‘Durham (CEM)’ style tests as well as Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 English and Maths and preparation for end of Key Stage tests.

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