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The British Dyslexia Association calculates that 10% of the British population are dyslexic, 4% severely so. Dyslexia is a “hidden” disability” which leaves the learner unable to fulfil their potential in many areas of life. It is a condition which manifests in many different ways and someone with dyslexia may experience problems in a number of different areas, including:

  • tutors wakefielddifficulties with reading
  • tutors wakefielddifficulties with spelling and writing
  • tutors wakefieldpoor short term memory
  • tutors wakefieldpoor sequencing
  • tutors wakefielddifficulties with comprehension
  • tutors wakefieldpoor organisation

The impact of these difficulties is likely to affect all areas of education and many areas of everyday life.

Assessment and tutoring can provide a route to finding ways around the problems. Although dyslexia can never be “cured”, skilled and professional help from qualified and experienced teachers can assist in providing methods which work for dyslexics and help to give both the remediation and strategies which find a way around the difficulties. Most importantly, self-confidence, which is often shattered by lack of success in educational settings, can be rebuilt as the student discovers what they can achieve and that their talents and abilities are valued and celebrated.

WaLLS – Wakefield Language and Literacy Scheme

‘WaLLS’ is the basis for most of the specialised literacy teaching at Wakefield Tutoring. A structured, phonically-based, cumulative and multi-sensory programme which uses tried and tested techniques to take pupils through the major areas of English spelling, reinforcing patterns through reading and writing activities. Written and developed by Simon Horsley and Stephen Beach, this programme is now commercially available and used in schools from five Local Authority Areas.


Wakefield Tutoring and Educational Consultancy LLP can provide:

  • tutors wakefieldAssessment
  • tutors wakefieldIndividual teaching programmes tailored to strengths and weaknesses
  • tutors wakefieldExpert tuition
  • tutors wakefieldBuilding of self-confidence

Other special educational needs can be catered for, please contact us directly to discuss individual needs.

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About Us

Wakefield Tutoring and Educational Consultancy LLP, is owned and run by Simon Horsley and Stephen Beach. Simon Horsley, BA (Hons), PGCE, has worked in education for 33 years, originally a secondary English teacher, he has spent 23 years specialising in literacy and numeracy. His career has included senior management roles in secondary education, working as a university tutor and he holds a Level 7 Cerficate in Teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) and has been listed by both the Department for Education and the British Dyslexia Association as an approved tutor of dyslexic pupils.

Stephen Beach, BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS, has worked in education for 10 years. He has taught both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two in schools. During his career he has been a coordinator of: ICT, Science, Design Technology and has been joint Coordinator of Literacy and Maths. He has also been a school governor. Since becoming a partner in Wakefield Tutoring, Stephen has specialised in 11+ entrance exam preparation for both ‘GL’ and ‘Durham (CEM)’ style tests as well as Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 English and Maths and preparation for end of Key Stage tests.

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